• Flourishing.

    where science, spirituality & art intersect to facilitate personal development, provide clarity, and create well-being.





  • - ABOUT -

    Flourishing. connects therapeutic approaches, spirituality, mysticism and art to create psychoeducational content and self-guided practices that make inner work more accessible, approachable and engaging.

  • - THE LAB -

    We use an outcomes-focused approach to ask "how do you want to grow & what do you want to feel?" and provide integrative practices, activities, and prompts to facilitate

    healthy feeling, reflection, and transformation.

    "I want to be kinder to myself and love myself more."

    "I want to accept a difficulty that I've been struggling with and soothe my anxiety."

    "I want to change my negative thinking patterns."

    "I want to better control my impulses, emotions or destructive tendencies."

    "I want to be a better partner and friend."

    "I want to be happier, and more grateful, resilient, and optimistic."


    We use visual and sonic mediums to stimulate reflection, drive discussion on theme exploration, and understand and recognize our deep-rooted fears and desires.

    Ink & Paint Blots

    Select one of our custom blots at random to tell a story or paint a mental picture and answer our guided questions about what the narrative means for you and what potential current life applications exist.

    Tarot Cards

    Use tarot, not for predictions or fortune telling, but to think through the interpretations of your current pull. What symbols or elements of the interpretation resonates with your thoughts and circumstances?


    Listen to our custom instrumentals and allow your mind to wander. If it feels appropriate, create a story to go along with the music. What cognitions come up? What feelings are invoked? What did you see?

    Engage with our visualization exercises, following a primer exercise and facilitated through guided questions, until you have a complete picture or story. What does the story reveal about your deepest desires?

    Affirmative Questions

    When using affirmations, we may find that while some lines instantly resonate, others are uncomfortable to recite. Write down which parts of the affirmations are most uncomfortable for you - use that insight to determine where you need to lean in.

    Select one of our guided art exercises or create your own art; the exercises are designed to invoke or express emotion and relaxation and span a broad range of mediums.