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Mindful Relationships

As much as we may dream about the perfect effortless romance that sweeps us off our feet, in reality, relationships require intention. Even the most well-aligned couples need to engage in healthy behaviors in order to sustain their relationship - especially long-term relationships where couples have to manage events like job loss, transitions, death, and children (pregnancy is one of the most tumultous relationship transitions). These healthy practices are so well-established that a lab can predict divorce and dissatisfaction with 99% accuracy - just by watching how a couple engages with each other. As we expand this section, we'll talk about the four relationship killers to avoid (criticism -which is not the same as a complaint-, contempt, stonewalling -shutting our partner out / avoiding them/ not responding-, and defensiveness). For now, we'll focus on 10 practices that can create a more mindful and intentional relationship:

Changing our habits and behaviors is difficult but can be done with mindfulness and practice. We encourage you to select one new skill to practice for days or weeks, before integrating a new skill.

Create a Relationship Vision

Lead with Respect and Kindness

Practice Acceptance of Your Partner

Cherish Your Partner

Practice Vulnerability

  • Vulnerability reveals the complete person you are.
  • Vulnerability fosters trust.
  • Being vulnerable with one another invites growth.
  • Vulnerable conversations build your confidence.
  • Vulnerability heals wounds.
  • Vulnerability creates bonding.
  • Sharing in a vulnerable way deepens your love.
  • Vulnerability makes you more attractive and interesting.
  • Vulnerability teaches you comfort with uncertainty.

Embrace your love languages

Heal hurts quickly

Use “I feel” instead of “You”

Learn how to apologize mindfully

Learn to love yourself

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